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Cautionary Tale


EVE:  Who Learned the Consequences
of Being the Lady with Brains


Eve, the day that Adam met her,

could see at once that she knew better.

The man was charming and correct

but not a massive intellect.

It wasn't long before Eve guessed

her husband really was obsessed

with that forbidden apple tree

"The day we eat, we die," said he.


But Eve was sure that God's intent

was good, and that He only meant

to test their judgment and good sense

and not their blind obedience.

Confirming this, up spoke the Snake:

"I see, my dear, you're wide awake!

Now, Adam well a good man but

he's thicker than a coconut.

The good Lord deals in hints and signs

and we must read between the lines.

He means for you to try all things

insight is what the apple brings."


Our couple gave the fruit a try,

and Snake was right!  They didn't die!

But when their garden hit the skids

they worked like demons for their kids

like all the couples since, who slave

to buy the house, the car, the grave,

and toil without a moment's rest

because Their Kids Deserve the Best.


The moral is:  If you have got

a mortgage on a house and lot,

the kids, the camper, that whole bit

you owe it all to woman's wit.


Gail White



2001; originally printed in Pivot.  Reprinted
by permission of the author.

by Grapholina

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