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Cherry-hard young I was

when first you bedded me

and did the things lust does.

Though you lived fast and free


I was not one who sought

new faces or new ends,

hungry for what you taught:

the tyranny, the amends.


Of late, you're back again

(no new lads to uncover?)

demanding I maintain

some semblance of the lover;


listen, I held your heat

risking all to defend it!

Old now, I cannot cheat

the silence that must end it.


So let it end in sleep,

the spectral with the human;

what goddess cares to keep

at love's expense love's union?


You'd think I might have learned,

having done Hell and burned.


Moore Moran



From Firebreaks, Salmon Run Press,
1999.  Reprinted by permission of
the author.

by Grapholina

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