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Six Urban Love Songs

IV.  Safe-T-Man


"This unique security product looks incredibly
real, with moveable latex head and hands, and
air-brushed facial highlights."


If safety can be had from hollow men

whom one can place to fill the empty chair,

let's leave them to their task of sitting, then;

while I'll these blow-up men to you compare:

    From far off you pose, endangered, rare—

    and, coated as you are with scent and skin,

    you are surely filled with hotter air;

    still, neither heart can quite admit me in.

    Though Safe-T-Man can dress for many roles—

    wearing hats for winter or for tropic breezes—

    in commuter lanes, the real men can count tolls;

    yet ... do not fold to fit precisely in valises.

To buy or not to buy the button-on legs—?

Can anyone be safe?  the question begs.


Kate Light



From The Laws of Falling Bodies, Story Line Press,
© 1997, co-winner of the 1997 Nicholas Roerich Prize.
Reprinted by permission of the author.

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