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Six Urban Love Songs

V.  Souvenir di Florence ...
David Continues On His Way


David, outside the Academia, makes an appearance

on t-shirts, alongside Adam touching God

's hand.  Down the block the pilgrims plod,

viewers of all ages, adherents

to all faiths, come to worship or to gape:

"He's got a big one," a schoolgirl cries

in the interior, sunlit, space;

nearby, the Slaves' unfinished eyes ...

Outside again, David "hung" on a postcard, sun-

glasses on the shaft:  "Hi from Florence"

(it says)—Wish you were here, love you, hon.

Fascination and abhorrence—

yet I cannot resist reporting.  (If we ever break up,

love, I want the Stonehenge coffee cup ...)


Kate Light



From The Laws of Falling Bodies, Story Line Press,
© 1997, co-winner of the 1997 Nicholas Roerich Prize.
Reprinted by permission of the author.

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