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What Is Trunk Press?

        [As stated earlier, Trunk Press was a one-man operation run by Judson Jerome, and it no longer exists.  However, I include this chapter because it is interesting.]

        I answer the question only because it is bound to arise.  I am not looking for manuscripts.  In fact, Trunk Press is a one-man operation, conducted in m spare time, and I wouldn't be able to cope with many more books than I am handling now.

        In part Trunk Press is a device for distributing my own work, most of which the publishers have not been very successful in distributing.  I have now reacquired control of copyright from trade publishers such as McGraw Hill and Houghton Mifflin for some of my books which have gone out of print, so I can sell them as Trunk Press books.

        From time to time I have tried to help other writers of poetry and prose to get out their books so have published a few titles by such authors under the name of Trunk Press.  But I have no printing equipment:  I sent out the manuscripts of such books to mail-order printers (such as advertise in Writer's Digest).  And I have poor facilities for and little interest in distribution and have no capital, so had to ask these writers to pay for their own printing costs.  In general, it was a poor idea.  I now recommend that writers arrange to have their own work printed.  You can use your own name as publisher, or make up on, as I made up that of Trunk Press.  There is no more to it than that.  For information on self-publishing, write COSMEP [address deleted].  [COSMEP (Committee of Small Magazine Editors and Publishers) was an umbrella organization for small publishers which folded in 1996 I don't know if any other organization has taken its place.]  If you join you get a packet of pamphlets on various aspects of printing and a regular newsletter for small publishers.  There are also a number of useful books which COSMEP can guide you to.  How to Get Happily Published (Harper & Row) is a good general guide.

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