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Publishing Poetry

by Judson Jerome

        In 1981, Judson Jerome published a pamphlet entitled Publishing Poetry, which gave readers all the information they needed to publish their poetry, as well as some realistic advice about what to expect.  Judson repeated much of this information in other books that he published around that time, such as The Poet's Handbook and On Being a Poet, and he also repeated some of it later in the annual compilation of publishers entitled Poet's Market.  However, the pamphlet reproduced here appears to be the most complete rendition of this information.

        About 90% of the information in the pamphlet is still current and accurate.  In those instances in which the information has become obsolete, I append an Editor's note [which is always in this color blue and surrounded by brackets]; but, except for eliminating out-of-date information such as addresses, in no way have I altered the original text.  At the end, I append a chapter of my own about the internet.  I should mention that I have never published a book of poetry, but I believe the information I give is accurate.  I am interested in hearing the experiences that readers have had in getting their poetry published, so please write, especially if you disagree with any of the information given.

        Each link below represents a chapter.

Table of Contents

When Is a Poem a Poem?
On Becoming Rich and Famous ...
Should I Get an Agent?
Should I Copyright My Work?
Should I Submit My Poetry to Magazines?
To Which Publishers Should I Submit My Collection?
What Is Trunk Press?
What Is a Publisher?
What Is the Vanity Press?
What Is a Printer?
Once a Book Is Printed, How Can I Distribute It?
Should I Send Out Review Copies?
Should I Try Bookstores?
Should I Advertise?
Should I Send Complimentary Copies?
What Do I Do with All of These Copies?
Why, Then, Bother at All?
Except for Exceptions
Poets and Printers
Some Questions for Printers
Quick-Copy Printers
On Your Own
Publishing on the Internet (by Caleb Murdock)