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Should I send Complementary Copies
to Well-Known Writers?

        I have mentioned the dozens of these I receive each year, and I would guess most other poets and writers receive many also.  I usually glance at a poem or two and throw the book away.  Sorry.  I mean no offense.  But what am I going to do with it?  I haven't room to keep it on my shelves.  Given my choice, there is a lot of other poetry I would rather read.  I don't review poetry any more.  I don't even know anyone to whom I might give such volumes.  And it's sad to destroy them, for those volumes cost someone money, and I have an aversion to wasting paper.  But I can think of no alternative.  [Public libraries are happy to take books of poetry as donations.  If you are going to throw books away, please recycle them instead.]

        But if you can afford it, and it pleases you to do so, go ahead.  You just might hit some poet or writer who might be struck by your work and "discover" and promote you, I suppose.  Also, you might be picked up on the street to star in a movie with Robert Redford or Barbara Streisand.

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