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Early-Modern Poetry
(Late 19th to mid-20th century)
Walter de la Mare
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Robert Frost
Thomas Hardy
A.E. Housman
Edgar Lee Masters
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Wilfred Owen
Ezra Pound
John Crowe Ransom
E.A. Robinson
Alan Seeger
Sara Teasdale
Edward Thomas
Louis Untermeyer
Elinor Wylie
William Butler Yeats
Traditional Poetry
(Mid-19th century and before)
Robert Browning
Susan Coolidge
John Donne
John Dryden
George Herbert
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Leigh Hunt
John Keats
Emma Lazarus
H.W. Longfellow
Richard Lovelace
William Oldys
Coventry Patmore
Sir Walter Raleigh
William Shakespeare
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Walt Whitman
William Wordsworth

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An Anthology of Metered Poetry


Dedicated to the late
Judson Jerome
whose excellent books taught me how to
understand and appreciate poetry


Caleb Murdock, Editor
Rhina P. Espaillat, Editorial Advisor



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Thank you for visiting my web site.  This site is an online poetry anthology, with an emphasis on metered poetry, both traditional and modern.  Some excellent free verse is also included.  After a century in which free verse dominated, metered poetry is making a comeback (although many poets never abandoned it).  The purpose of this anthology is to present to the public the many excellent formalist poets who are now publishing, and also to popularize the genre.  Unfortunately, some of the best 20th-century poetry is still under copyright and cannot be printed because of the expense of reprint fees.


In addition to poetry, I seek articles and essays on all aspects of poetry and the writing process.  The suggestions and comments of readers will be useful in helping me to construct a better site, so please don't hesitate to write.


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Contemporary Poetry
(Mid-20th century to present)
David Berman
Gerry Cambridge
Turner Cassity
Bill Coyle
Robert Crawford
Dick Davis
Suzanne Doyle
Rhina P. Espaillat
Robert Francis
Dana Gioia
R.S. Gwynn
Jeff Holt
Judson Jerome
A.M. Juster
X.J. Kennedy
Len Krisak
Paul Lake
Kate Light
Anthony Lombardy
Joshua Mehigan
Samuel Menashe
Richard Moore
Moore Moran
Timothy Murphy
Alfred Nicol
Carolyn Raphael
Jan Schreiber
A.E. Stallings
Alan Sullivan
Marilyn L. Taylor
Catherine Tufariello
Frederick Turner
Deborah Warren
Gail White
Greg Williamson
Michael T. Young

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